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Saul Escobar and the lawyers of DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC highly recommend representation with insurance claims, either by an attorney experienced with first-party property insurance claims or a licensed public adjuster. Public insurance adjusters are licensed and trained to deal with insurance companies.  They represent the interests of the insured, not the insurance company.

In other states, public insurance adjusting is considered the unauthorized practice of law.  However, in Florida public adjusters must meet the licensing requirements set forth the state.  Their conduct, ethics, and fees are governed by laws and regulations.  Due to their training and experience, a Florida public adjuster can help you with your insurance claim.  A public adjuster's fees is typically a percentage of the gross amount paid by the insurance company.

A number of Florida and Miami public adjusters refer clients to Saul Escobar when it becomes necessary to litigate a claim.  When this happens, our representation is on a statutory fee basis.  This means we only seek to collect our fees from the insurance company under the applicable laws. As a result, the client receives 100% of the recovery we make.

If you are currently being represented by a public adjuster ask him or her about Florida insurance attorney Saul Escobar and DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC.  Saul Escobar is a proud member and supporter of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

If you are a public adjuster, please feel free to contact Miami insurance lawyer Saul Escobar to learn about our firm's Insurance Law Practice.  We can help you solve coverage issues and offer an innovative approach to litigating first-party property insurance cases. 

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You buy insurance for the safety of knowing that you will be given the financial help you need in the event of a loss.  Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies will undervalue, delay, or deny payment on legitimate claims.

Miami Florida insurance coverage and bad faith attorney Saul Escobar of the law firm DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC is dedicated to helping policy holders recover on their claims.  We do not represent insurance companies, rather we represent people and businesses who have suffered a loss and are trying to receive fair compensation from their insurance company.

We work on a contingency fee basis.  In other words, we do not get paid unless we recover on your insurance claim.  Contact us for a free evaluation and consultation if you: 

1) Have been underpaid or denied on an insurance claim; or

2) Have, or had, experienced property damage such as:




Your Insurance Company Does Not Have the Final Say On Your Insurance Claim

Water Damage

Insurance claims involving water damage are the most common type of claims in Miami and South Florida.  Water damage typically results from pipe breaks, roof leaks, sewer backups, air conditioning leaks, appliance leaks, and storm damage.

How such claims are initially handled may determine how much your insurance company will pay for your claim, or whether they will pay at all.  The damages caused by water can also be quite extensive and often require professionals to determine the full extent of the damages and value of the loss.

Many insurance claims involving water damage are often denied due to the ambiguous wording of property insurance policies. Of those claims that are not denied, many may be underpaid due to the nature of water damage.

Miami insurance lawyer Saul Escobar can help you with your water damage insurance claim from its inception to avoid some of the issues that could cause water damage claims to be denied.  We also use experienced experts to determine the full extent of the damaged and complete value of the loss.

Fire Damage

Few causes of loss are as traumatic as those involving fire.  Fire damage does not only damage property, it may cause displacement as well.  Even a small fire in one room can make an entire home or commercial property uninhabitable.

Fire damage insurance claims involve more than the direct damage caused by the fire.  Issues of smoke and soot damage, damages to the contents of the property, and repairs to the property that must conform to building codes that did not exist when the property was constructed are likely to arise.  Depending on the circumstances, your property insurance policy may provide coverages for these items.

Fire damage insurance claims are very susceptible to underpayment.  Due to the extensive damage a fire can cause, the adjusting of a fire damage insurance claim can become tedious and marred in details.  Sometimes, legitimate fire damage claims can be delayed or denied because the insurance company suspects fraud.

Additionally, the response to a fire can create issues that would reduce the amount of recovery on a fire damage insurance claim.  An example of this would be contracting to repair items when a total loss has occurred.  Such costs would be subtracted from the insurance proceeds the property owner ultimately collects.  It is important to have an understanding of the damages caused by a fire and of the insurance policies to determine the most appropriate way to respond to fire damage insurance claims.

A Florida insurance lawyer experienced in these issues can help you avoid the pitfalls of these kinds of claims and allow you to recover what you deserve for the loss you've suffered.  Attorney Saul Escobar offers free consultations and inspections of your property.

Storm Damage

The state of Florida in no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms.  However, insurance coverage for storm damage is not limited is not limited to named storm events.  Regularly occurring windstorm can cause damage to property, including roofs, and should be covered under most property insurance policies.

Different elements of property damage will be covered depending on the type of storm that caused it.  Such damage may include wind damage to the roof and structure of the property, ensuing water damage, mold, and damage to personal property.  When filing a storm damage insurance claim, it is important to understand both the coverages available in an insurance policy as well as the full extent of the damages suffered.

Theft and/or Vandalism

A property insurance policy may cover against loss of property due to theft, burglary, robbery, larceny, and similar occurrences.  Depending on the policy, there may also be coverage for loss of property resulting from an item's mysterious disappearance.

In Florida, the insured has the burden of proving that a theft occurred and the value of the stolen property.  These technicalities may make it difficult for an unrepresented insured to collect the full amount owed by the insurance company.

Florida property insurance may also provide coverage for vandalism.  Vandalism is defined as the intentional and malicious destruction of or damage to the property of another.  In cased of vandalism, accurate assessment and valuation of the damaged property is critical to avoid being underpaid on your vandalism insurance claim.

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You can keep 100% of your insurance recovery if you were unsatisfied with your insurance payment or if your claim was denied and we are able to collect for you.  This is made possible by a consumer friendly Florida statute that requires your insurance carrier to pay your attorneys' fees and costs should you settle or prevail in a dispute involving your insurance policy (Florida Statute 627.428).

Our Insurance Law Practice always seeks to employ this statute to the benefit of our clients. As a result, many of our clients get to keep 100% of their recovery while never having to pay any costs or fees for their representation.

Contact us to discuss your claim and we can let you know whether it can be taken on a statutory fee basis.  If so, you may not have to pay any fees or costs.  You get to keep 100% of the amount of money we recover for you.


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Your insurance carrier does not have the final say as to whether you have coverage for your loss or as to the value of your claim.  Insurance policies are contracts and they are highly regulated by Florida law.  The behavior of your insurance company and its representatives is also highly regulated. Failure to abide by the rules governing insurance claims may make your insurance company liable for bad faith, which means additional compensation to you for their action.

There are options available to you if your insurance claim was denied or underpaid.  We can help you get paid what you are owed under your insurance policy, even if your claim has been denied.

In addressing a denial or underpayment, your options can range from persuasively requesting that the insurance company reconsider its position to filing suit. If filing a lawsuit is necessary, our firm's DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC can represent you on a statutory fee basis.  This means that your insurance company must pay your lawyers' fees as well as costs should we be able to collect.   

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Located by the Miami River in one of Miami's Historic Districts, the lawyers of DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC have over 30 years of combined legal experience.  Our lawyers pride themselves on professionalism and personal service.  The firm's focused areas of practice are insurance law, community association law, real estate law, family law, and criminal law.

Miami Florida insurance attorney Saul Escobar oversees the Insurance Law Practice of the firm.  His practice is devoted exclusively to helping homeowners and businesses receive full compensation for their insurance claims.

Florida laws provide protection to homeowners during the claims process.  Failure by your insurance carrier to pay the full amount of your claim in a timely fashion may make them liable for breach of contract and bad faith.  You may also be entitled to have your attorneys' fees and costs paid for by your insurance company.

Florida Statute 627.70131 requires your insurance company to make a determination of coverage and payment within 90 days of when they were given notice of your claim.  Any payments they make on your claim past these 90 days is required to carry interest from the date the claim was first reported.  Additionally, your insurance carrier is required to acknowledge receipt of any written communications regarding your claim within 14 days.

Miami Florida insurance coverage and bad faith attorney Saul Escobar and the Insurance Law Practice of DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC make full use of these laws and regulations to timely settle your claim.  Violations of these laws and regulations may make your insurance company liable for bad faith, which can result in additional compensation for your claim.

Just as important as enforcing your rights is determining the full value of the claim.  This is done in two ways. First we review all the coverages available to you under the policy.  This review, in light of the facts of the loss, will indicate which coverages are available .  The basic coverages include coverage for dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss of use, and ordinance or law.

A review of these coverages can result in compensation that you may not have known existed.  For example, a burglary where appliances are stolen may trigger loss of use coverage for additional living expenses.  Another common example is ordinance or law coverage, which is additional coverage for the expense of repairing damaged property up to code.

The second step in unlocking the full value of your claim involves finding all the damages, even hidden damages, and properly valuing these damages.  We use a team of experts to discover all the damages you have suffered and provide a detailed estimate.  This way we know how much your claim is really worth when presenting and negotiating it with your insurance company

Knowledge of Florida insurance law is also necessary for determining the full value of your claim.  For example, Florida Statute 626.9744(1) requires your insurance company to replace or repair items in adjoining areas when the repair or replacement of the damaged items do not match in quality, color, or size.

An attorney experienced in property insurance claims should be able to enforce your rights and unlock the full value of your claim.  Contact attorney Saul Escobar of DeCarlo & Valentine, LLC for a free telephonic or in-person consultation.  We can tell inform you about the strength and potential value of your insurance claim.


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