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Fraud is a serious public policy issue and a legitimate concern for insurance companies.  However, legitimate fire damage insurance claims may sometimes be seen as potentially fraudulent by insurance companies.  This may result in legitimate claims being delayed or denied.  Sometimes the insurance company's investigation of a fire damage claim can make an insured feel mistreated, intimidated, or bullied.

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A fire does not need to be very large to cause extensive damage throughout a property.  Smoke and soot can damage furniture, cabinets, and personal property throughout the home or business.  Furthermore, smoke and soot can cause the discoloration of paint and the absorption of foul odors throughout the property.  It is important that such damage be recognized and dealt with in order to be made whole under your property insurance policy.

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Few causes of loss are as traumatic as those involving fire.  Fire damage does not only damage property; it may causes displacement as well.  Even a small fire in one room can make an entire home or commercial property uninhabitable.

Fire damage insurance claims involve more than the direct damage caused by the fire.  Issues of smoke and soot damage, damage to the contents of the property, and repairs to the property that must conform to building codes that did not exist when the property was constructed are likely to arise.  Depending on the circumstances, your property insurance policy may provide coverage for these items.

Fire damage insurance claims are very susceptible to underpayment.  Due to the extensive damage a fire can cause, the adjusting of a fire damage insurance claim can become tedious and marred in details.  Sometimes, legitimate fire damage claims can be delayed or denied because the insurance company suspects fraud.

Additionally, the response to a fire can create issues that would reduce the amount of recovery on a fire damage insurance claim.  An example of this would be contracting to repair items when a total loss has occurred.  Such costs would be subtracted from the insurance proceeds the property owner ultimately collects.  It is important to have an understanding of the damages caused by a fire and of insurance policies to determine the most appropriate way to respond to fire damage. 

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