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Damage to your property's roof caused by hail or windstorm (such as that which may occur during a thunderstorm), as well as the ensuing water damage, may be covered by you insurance company.  Unfortunately, legitimate  roof damage insurance claims may denied even though there is evidence that the damage was caused by windstorm or hail.

Contact us if you are experiencing roof damage.  We can help with your roof damage claim through the use of experts to determine whether your roof damage may be covered by your insurance policy.  Our initial evaluation and consultation is always free.

Roof Damage / Windstorm and hail

The aftermath of a hurricane or tropical storm can be very daunting for an insured.  Apart from coping with the property damage suffered, the insured must also now deal with an insurance company that has just experienced a sudden surge of filed claims.  Such circumstances may result in the undervaluation of your hurricane damage claim or the denial of coverage due to technicalities. 

When a hurricane or tropical storm does happen, Saul Escobar can help you collect what you are owed under your insurance policy.  Contact us if you are having difficulties involving a hurricane damage insurance claim.  Our initial evaluation and consultation is always free.

Hurricane insurance claims

Miami and South Florida are no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms.  However, insurance coverage for storm damage is not limited only to named storm events.  Regularly occurring windstorm can cause damage to property, including roofs, and should be covered under most property insurance policies.

Different elements of property damage will be covered depending on the type of storm that caused it.  Such damage may include wind damage to the roof and structure of the property, ensuing water damage, mold, and damage to personal property.

When filing a storm damage insurance claim, it is important to understand both the coverage available in an insurance policy as well as the full extent of the damage suffered.

Contact us if you are experiencing storm damage or are experiencing roof leaks that may be the result of storm damage.  Our initial evaluation and consultation is always free.

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