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Florida property insurance policies may also provide coverage for vandalism.  Vandalism is defined as the intentional and malicious destruction of or damage to the property of another.  In cases of vandalism, accurate assessment and valuation of the damaged property is critical to avoid being underpaid on your vandalism insurance claim.

Contact us if you have suffered theft or vandalism.  Our initial consultation is always free and we can help you collect on your theft and/or vandalism insurance claim.

Fraud is a serious public policy issue and legitimate concern for insurance companies.  However, legitimate theft and/or vandalism claims can sometimes be viewed as potentially fraudulent by insurance companies.   This may result in a legitimate theft and/ or vandalism claim being delayed or denied.  Sometimes an insurance company's investigation into a theft and/or vandalism claim can make an insured feel mistreated, intimidated, or bullied.

Contact us if you have suffered theft and/or vandalism to your property and are not satisfied with how your insurance company has treated you.  We may be able to help.  Our initial evaluation and consultation is always free.


A property insurance policy may cover against loss of property due to theft, burglary, robbery, larceny, or similar occurrences.  Depending on the policy, there may also be coverage for a loss of property resulting from an item's mysterious disappearance.

In Florida, the insured has the burden of proving that a theft occurred and the value of the stolen property.  These technicalities may make it difficult for an unrepresented insured to collect the full amount owed by the insurance company.

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