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Roof leaks are another common cause of water damage in Miami and South Florida.  If you have experienced a roof leak, your insurance company may be responsible for replacing your property's roof and also for the ensuing interior damage caused by the leak.

Insurance claims involving roof leaks are often denied under an insurance policy's exclusions.  We can help you with your roof leak insurance claim through the use of experts to determine whether the roof leak was reasonably caused by a peril covered under your insurance policy and presenting such evidence to the insurance company. 

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Plumbing issues that are potential insurance claims include pipe breaks, pipe leaks, and plumbing backups.  Such issues can occur behind walls, or worse, under the concrete slab.  Often such plumbing problems can remain hidden until noticed.

Particularly prevalent in Miami and South Florida is the issue of aging cast iron pipes.  These pipes are susceptible to breaking and causing water damage to your home or business.

Plumbing leaks, breaks, and backups will cause ensuing water damage to your property that your insurance company may be responsible for.  However, claims involving these plumbing issues can often be denied or underpaid.  This is particularly the case for insurance claims involving hidden plumbing leaks and cast iron pipes. 

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Insurance claims involving water damage are the most common type of insurance claim in Miami and South Florida.  Water damage typically results from pipe breaks, roof leaks, sewer backups, air conditioning leaks, appliance leaks, and storm damage.

How such claims are initially handled may determine how much your insurance company will pay for your insurance claim, or whether they will pay at all.  The damage cause by water can also be quite extensive and often require professionals to determine the full extent of the damage and value of the loss.  

Many insurance claims involving water damage are often denied due to the ambiguous wording of property insurance policies.  Of those claims that are not denied, many may be underpaid due to the nature of water damage.

Saul Escobar can handle your water damage nsurance claim from its inception to avoid some of the issues that could cause a water damage claim to be denied.  We will also use our team of experts to determine the full extent of the damages and complete value of the loss.

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